For centuries windows doors and conservatories have been built using wood

It is strong, durable, versatile, readily available and relatively cheap. However, the main issue with timber framed conservatories, windows and doors is that they require a large amount of maintenance to ensure they remain weather resistant and looking good for years to come.

Every couple of years timber frames need to be sanded and varnished or painted to prevent them from rotting and warping. Without this level of maintenance timber frames can very quickly start to leak and detract from the aesthetics of a property. Fortunately thanks to improvements in technology there is now a solution which requires far less maintenance and that is uPVC Double Glazed Windows.

uPVC Double Glazed Windows

In effect, they are basically made from plastic. It has many of the same qualities that wood has. It is strong, durable and versatile but it is also very low maintenance and will last for many years.

uPVC Double Glazed Windows

uPVC Double Glazed Windows, doors and conservatories require no sanding, painting or varnishing and just a wipe from time to time with warm water and a suitable detergent will keep them looking as good as new and the weather out for many years to come. uPVC is also highly energy efficient and it is therefore no surprise that is now by far the most popular choice.

These doors and windows will also significantly improve the security of a home. Research has shown that timber doors and windows can be broken into far more easily than uPVC frames which benefit from the latest in multi point locking technology making them far more secure.

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When uPVC first started to become popular some customers complained that the styles available did not suit the style of their homes. The uPVC designers soon realised this and there is now a vast array of styles of uPVC conservatories, windows and doors to choose from. You are also able to choose from a variety of colours and effects including cream, black, oak effect and mahogany effect the choices are endless, meaning there is something to suit virtually any property.

If you have not already considered replacing your windows and doors or installing a new conservatory they you should definitely consider using uPVC as it is strong, durable, secure, energy efficient, cost effective and virtually maintenance free.

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